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It's been how many now?

Here is a compilation of some of the poetry written over the last few years. As some may know, I can be incredibly forgetful. Which is why I am very thankful for the Gregorian calendar - for not only helping to organise my writing, but also for the (sometimes unfounded) hope that each new year could be better than the last.

Apologies for my Eurocentricity, I'm sure other methods us humans have used to document the passage of time are equally as qualified. I just can't remember all the animals in the Chinese Zodiac.

Some stories have been written retrospectively, where I have tried to capture a moment a while past its time. Like the Hubble Space Telescope, observing events light years away, except that is far more clever and impressive than what is essentially catching up with writer's block. 

Whilst on my walk along Whitley Bay, North Tyneside in 2017